Photoshop Alternative – Try Krita

The Krita Team has reported another brand new release Krita 3.2.0. It has brought numerous new generous components upgraded making it a great painting and image editing software much like Photoshop. Many bugs have now been settled since 3.1.4, which was released 3 months back. We should now see a few new changes within the new 3.2.0.  Let’s see what makes this stand out from the rest.

The open source community had the Gimp but we look at this as a great alternative and much like Photoshop.



Krita is open source and free to use. The software is available for Linux, Apple OS and Windows. Although the software is free , with the Microsoft Windows version you have the opportunity to download directly from the windows store and this will cost a fee, which is a donation to the continuous development. If you wish just to download the free version, you may download this direct from their website.

With the software you have the opportunity to produce high quality content, creating company logos, business websites,

Krita supports PSD files so you can save it. Unlike Adobe Photoshop you do not have to pay a monthly fee.


The transform tool: A simpler way to change the size and orientation of various items utilizing the transform tool with the capability to change the object you have selected.


G’MIC Plugin: This plugin provides a number of image processing features to allow you to create amazing effects on images. With over 450 filters to choose from this is a brilliant plug in.


Smart Patch Tool: This tool is very helpful and should not have been released until Krita 4.0 but the developers managed to release it on Krita 3.2. The smart patch tool removes specific elements on drawings without damaging the background of the picture. It will automatically create amazing backgrounds for you without touching the image.


Outline Selection Tool: This tool will let you combine diagonal and outline selections in the same section.

Layers States: This option allows you to use shortcuts on the keyboard to change 1 or 2 layers for visibility or locking.

Brush Presets: A number of new brush presets with amazing brushes is very good to texture to be able to give the image a painters look.

You can watch a demo video for more information.

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