“Our Hosted Desktop allows you to access your Documents and Applications securely”

Anywhere you go, so does your desktop – one of the main advantages of using a Cloud Hosted Desktop. Working from home is now a reality and not a dream, many businesses use Bespoke applications designed to work inside their business, you can now access these application using the hosted desktop.

Financial Savings without comprising on service is what most companies would like to achieve, no longer do you have to buy expensive servers, worry about them being licenced, keeping up with hardware maintenance contracts or employing experienced engineers, the cost of cooling and electricity will also be reduced dramatically.

Capital Expenditure reduced – Moving to our hosted desktop removes the need for costly capital expenditure on physical servers. you will enjoy a low fixed monthly cost – only paying for what you use, which will result in improved cash flow and more predicable budgeting.

Your IT Department – We become your IT support, no longer do you need to worry about updating software or upgrading your hardware. All support requests are logged in our ticket system, helping us work to an ITIL Standard.

Clients Available for:

Linux, Windows, Mac, Iphone, Android


Contact us now for a free demo of our hosted desktop, email: info@cloudknight.co.uk Phone: 02036 706015